Those Once Loyal Those Once Loyal
Bolt Thrower
Year Territory Tour With
2014 Europe Overtures of War Tour Morgoth / Soulburn / Incantation / Vallenfyre
2013 USA Return to Chaos Benediction / Autopsy
2010 Europe The Next Offensive Rotting Christ / Benediction + others
2006 Europe Those Still Loyal Tour (Leg II) God Dethroned / Kataklysm + others
2006 Europe Those Still Loyal Tour (Leg I) Malevolent Creation, Nightrage, Necrophagist
2002 Europe Ground Assault Tour Benediction, Fleshcrawl, Disbelief
2001 Europe Mini-Tour Fleshcrawl
1999 Europe Into The Killing Zone Tour Crowbar, Totenmond
1996 Europe Fuck Price Politics Tour Sentenced, Power of Expression, Varukers
1995 Europe 'No guts, No Glory' Tour Cemetary, Brutality
1994 US World Crusade Tour Benediction
1993 Australia Australian Spearhead Assault Armoured Angel
1993 Europe World Crusade Tour Vader, Grave
1992 Europe 'This Time It's War' Tour Benediction, Asphyx
1991 US War Mass Tour Believer, Sacrifice
1991 Europe War Mass Tour Nocturnus, Unleashed
1990 Europe Bloodbrothers Tour Autopsy, Pestilence
1989 UK GrindCrusher Tour Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Carcass
1988 UK 'In Battle...' Tour Cerebral Fix

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