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Bolt Thrower
Fan Art

Leather Jacket 1 Leather Jacket 2 Title: Custom tooled leather back patches

Creator: Peter Ličko

Title: Custom Harley Paintjob

Frank Scherk's custom Harley entirely dedicated to Bolt Thrower. "I’ve spared no cost or effort to build the coolest bike possible. The artwork on the bike turned out brilliantly and the saddle was stitched by a world-class professional."

Frank Scherk Harley 1 Frank Scherk Harley 2 Frank Scherk Harley 3 Frank Scherk Harley 4
Frank Scherk Harley 5 Frank Scherk Harley 6 Frank Scherk Harley 7 Frank Scherk Harley 8

Realm of Cake 1 Realm of Cake 2 Title: Realm of Cake

Creator: Mike Bissett's girlfriend Shirley
Medium: Cake

Realm of Comics Title: Realm of Comics

Creator: Matt Smith
Medium: Digital

Chaos Eye Spare Tyre cover Title: Chaos Eye Spare Tyre Cover

Creator: J. Conrad
Medium: Spray paint

Chaos Eye Ceiling Ornament Title: Chaos Eye Ceiling Ornament

Creator: Rik
Medium: unknown

Eye of Terror Title: Eye of Terror

Creator: Soul Daemon
Medium: Indian Ink

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